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Bass amplifier for the Nokia 5910.

I was sitting quietly at a table at Barnes and Noble (just looking, not buying anything) when the cellphone of a lady, talking loudly and about something of no consequence, began to ring. Its ring was a boorish composition influenced by Pachelbel's Canon in D performed at maximum ringer volume, and it was with obvious interest in her audience she looked around the room as she waited for more than half a minute to pick up.

A sizeable portion of our culture has developed some sort of pernicious lassitude that appears to halt their social and emotional development once puberty kicks in, leaving them with deeply-held manifest-destiny convictions such as one's taste in music being commensurate with the volume at which it can be played.

She and her companion eventually left the store in a lowered Blazer whose stereo and bass amplifier were turned up enough to rattle the storm-windows of the store.
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