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Vox populi ...

It appears that here on LiveJournal, writing is more popular than reading (18,437 to 16,494), with the third R nowhere on the list; dancing (11,031) leads singing (9,122); sex (7,187) ahead of love (6,671) by a reasonable margin; guys (6,311) way ahead of girls (4,347) but, oddly, women (5,971) leaving men (3,402) in the dust; Radiohead (4,528) a nose head of Weezer (4,443); cats (6,456) totally spanking dogs (3,056); rain (4,478) more than two-to-one over snow (2,153).

Furthermore, 4,351 like food, but less than half that many (2,152) indicate an interest in eating it. Hmmm. Angelina Jolie (1,730) can't hold her own against sushi (1,738) and mythology (1,706) is preferable to religion (1,588), with actual spirituality (1,089) an afterthought.

No way you can feel lonely in this community --you (962) are more popular than Jesus (863).
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