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Citizen Hidari, Citizen Migi, Citizen Maruto.

Once a man, like the sea I raged;
Once a woman, like the earth I gave,
And there is, in fact, more earth than sea.

I assure you, dear ones, that I am quite alive, crossed the 47th parallel, possessed of a pretty green driver's license emblazoned with the word WASHINGTON and a rather sinister looking portrait that could hold its own against anything America's Most Wanted could dish out. Tim: it's always darkest before the dawn, and once Qwest gets off its fat tush and hooks up me telephone you'll hardly be able to shut me up for a week.

Hardest thing to get used to: sunset at about 9.30, and I can still read a newspaper by twilight at 10.45. Oh, yes, updates, reviews of Atlantis and Tomb Raider, travelogues, just you wait. At least until I don't have to get my connectivity from Kinko's. For crying out loud, show some self-control, Sava.

Oh yeah -- I feel accomplished only because it took me six hours and two hundred miles of driving to get me damn license plates.

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