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Wisdom on the sides of public transportation.

One of the foremost lessons I learned from Santa Monica: Desire is the root of all misery.. Yeah, I know that isn't exactly late-breaking news from Planet Siddhartha, but an hour on Santa Monica Boulevard is worth a thousand platitudes.

Desire is a sail whose only purpose is to divert its vessel from a truer course. So: 1) here I am drinking -- and enjoying -- a three-dollar coffee because I can't drink the currency I used to pay for it, and 2) it is quite possible to be homesick for the very place you are standing.

Tim: Perfect note or not ? Strauss' Also Sprach Zarathustra, the seventh at the end of the third sentence:
I -> V -> I' -> 3 -> 3m
I -> V -> I' -> 3m -> 3
I -> V -> I' -> 3m -> 3 -> 1add3 -> 2add4 -> 3add5 -> VII ...
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