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Days are numbers: an accounting.

oi cloudy wind flies up into mist of warm swamps
a single ancient star is creating all this confusion
oi stop saying no to this bird falling down
into sunlit flame into head of king lazarus

-- ljubomir simovic

  • It's 10.30pm here and not even close to being dark.
  • Somebody once totaled my car by keying it. I continue to find this a source of delight. I miss that car.
  • A most fascinating flavor of genius is epitomized by the flow of Million Dollar Ideas. I think that everybody is graced by at least one in the course of their lifetime, no matter how base, brutish, or short -- a sort of everyday munificent satori that serves to underscore the fact that, theoretically, you are separated from Ron Popeil by only scant millimeters. I shall share mine with you if you'll share yours with me.

    1. My first, which came to me in my sophomore year in college: carbonated coffee. Hey, I figured, Americans love carbonation, and they sure as hell love coffee. Two great tastes, right ? The only thing that keeps this from being a real and true Million Dollar Idea is that I made some that very night, and let me tell you, carbonated coffee is vile.
    2. My second, which came to me a couple of months later: caffeinated gum. I should have patented it then and there, because just a few years ago, I found that it had become all of the rage with Japanese students.
    3. My third, which came to me through dual influences back at the Revolution: horchata boba (pearl tea). I can't understand why this doesn't already exist in SoCal. If I had a single entrepreneurial bone in my body, I would quit my job right now and bet the house on this.
    4. My fourth, which perhaps would have been a Million Dollar Idea if I could have pulled an IPO out of it back in 2000: hex dump soup. Just like Alphabet soup, except that it has the digits from 0-9 and A-F. You know, for programmers.

  • M.'s thought processes are characterized by an unwavering, fundamentalist subscription to post hoc, ergo propter hoc. She messaged me today to tell me that she was the high bidder on an item on eBay. Shortly thereafter, members of a notably noisy household across the street began howling. Her speculation regarding their interest in a sofa slipcover has yet to subside.
  • Designing software for architects is about ten times more difficult and stressful than working at Microsoft. Getting a Pri 1 Sev 1 filed against me for having a header off by one pixel was an everyday event.
  • In decreasing order of hit-to-miss ratio and general right-on-itude: Vern, Doug, Frank, Genevieve, Hildy, Laurie, Kia.

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