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I used to work, with some of my university roommates, at a large office building, and we'd while away our time harassing each other with the NET SEND utility, which would cause Window dialog boxes to appear on each others' workstations. We would conduct entire conversations with each other from different floors of the buildings using the NET SEND utility, to the point where the network administrator threatened to have us all fired on principle. To this day, we'll find posts by each other on the Internet, Sam Spade each other out, and harass each other:

Messenger Service : Message from KALOK to ZILOG : KANEDA !!!!

Messenger Service : Message from ZILOG to KALOK : TETSUO !!!!

It's not enough that they're sending me over four hundred unsolicited emails a day; in the last week I've received three Messenger Service dialogs telling me how I can get university diplomas, adjustable-rate mortgages, and the like. This, to put it lightly, burned my biscuits: if I'm touchy about my mailbox, I consider my desktop sacrosanct and I consider these popups an act of war.

These guys always obfuscate their source addresses, but with a little work, I ferreted them out: all of them are in Xiamen, China, coming through a conduit administered by the Data Communication Bureau (Ministry of Information). That means that there's absolutely nothing I can do about them right now. But I'm saving up IP addresses in an angry little piggy bank.

Anyway, if this starts happening to you, don't stand for it. If you get a spam dialog, get the spammer's machine name from the dialog, bust open a DOS window and type nbtstat -c. From that, you can get the IP address of the spammer; Sam Spade on that and you can find their provider. If they're in an industrialized nation, send a detailed email, containing screen shots and logs if you can, to their abuse address. It's not much -- certainly more trouble than it's worth -- but it's worth it on principle.

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