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This land is your land.

The sign says: "Lower your expectations."

A newbie walks into a LiveJournal community, and, being a newbie, bears proudly the belief that admitting he's a newbie somehow excuses him from any expectation of decorum or demonstration of dimmest intellect. He asks: "hi im new here, I dont know that much (blah) but I hope to learn. any good tutorial sites?"

Just below the fold is the following post, made by a high-signal-to-noiser: "I've found a nice site for people to find help on (blah) : (link). Click it." It's been there for months.

This lame, slackjaw kind of netizenship is the reason why planned online communities will never achieve the Erewhonesque utopias we all dreamed (and many of us, myself included, continue to dream): they simply too much resemble real communities. To get beyond this frustration, then, I can think of at least two interpretations for this behavior: 1. This got asked on DalNet. This got asked on ISCA. Now it's getting asked here. B1FF never grows older and never grows up; he just moves with the technology. Deal. 2. This is small talk -- undeniably a critical faculty and phenomenon in "real" communities -- entering a new context where it manifests itself as noise. It's a vapid pick-up line in a decidedly geekish bar: "Hi. I'm bored and I'm boring, have nothing interesting to say and no ambition to find anything interesting. This is the best pretext I can offer to start a stimulating conversation, the carrying of which will be entirely your responsibility. Wanna cyber ?"

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