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Ephemeris, seven months late.

Due to the rediscovery of the music of Manufacture, I have been particularly productive on the programming front tonight.

About seven months ago, I attempted to have printed a 2002 Ephemeris for myself and my friends -- it was as much art as a functional calendar, but owing to the rectocranial inversion that is apparently systemic to Kinko's, the .ai never made it to paper, and it's been sitting undigested in the craw of my workstation ever since. Until tonight.

Three listen-throughs of Manufacture, and the Ephemeris lives -- but in a different format: it's now a desktop ephemeris -- meaning that it *is* your desktop. If you're running Windows, you have the ability of setting a Web page to be your desktop. You can download the ephemeris, unzip all of the files (one HTML, one JavaScript, and five little .gifs) to a folder on your computer, set the HTML as your desktop, and off you go. It shows for each month the date and time of all of the prime moon phases. If you speak even a little HTML, you can tweak the colors and fonts and number of months it displays. There are instructions at the top of the HTML file if you're curious and want to install it. It contains NO EXECUTABLE COMPONENT so it can't carry viruses. You can click here for a screenshot.

windows ephemeris archive - 6 Kb

The only thing is this: having been in heavy hack mode for the last six hours in a darkened room, my eyesight is shot and I can't see colors well enough to give it a nice look-and-feel, and if I don't release this tonight, I'll forget about it for another seven months. So how about all you wonderful graphic designers out there help me out ? If you like the ephemeris, send me a CSS stylesheet and a background image, and if you don't mind, I'll rerelease it with the beautiful new designs !

UPDATE: The Windows "Web page as desktop" idea never took off, I know -- whether that's despite or because the buggy implementation of it, I don't know. Anyway, it's appears that it doesn't allocate all of the desktop space, even in the best of times -- so it looks like I might have to shrink down the cells a little bit to accommodate people running at 1024x768 and below. Betcha it won't fit for all of you. Grruh.

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