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Iqaluit CBC Radio One.

During my time back in Tehachapi, I wasn't able to connect very regularly or reliably to the Net because the phone lines there predate World War II; when you can actually complete a dialup handshake, you wind up with something like a 16 Kbps conn.

It turns out that the thing that I missed most about broadband was not being able to tune into Iqaluit CBC Radio One. Its format is, culturally, almost totally dissociated from our notion of radio: maybe half-AM, one quarter CNN, and one quarter ranchero music, only in Inuktitut, the language of the indigenous people it's now not PC to call Eskimos.

So there'll be news in English at the top of the hour, then a couple of minutes of country music (sometimes sung in English, sometimes in an indigenous language), a bilingual weather report, maybe some rave music (interesting!), and then local interest programming. They're between four and five hours ahead of the Left Coast, so their early-morning programming gets to me during my own peak hours.

If you can get used to the gruff, abrasive sound of the language, it's an interesting thing to listen to and definitely worth a listen. It's familiar, but it's not home.

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