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Nothing to say, and saying it ...

1. If you had the world's most common first names and last names, I guess you would be Mohammed Chang.
2. The greatest cultural injustice of the 80's was that David Bowie and Annie Lennox did not mate. Their ubsersexyatomkinder would have been bigger than AOL/TimeWarner, and at least they would have put some ring-a-ding into the typical cradle-to-grave-thought-management business.
3. Was in McDonalds today to get a Lilo and Stitch Happy Meal. It's been more than a year since I went to the Golden Arches; they've since installed televisions that are tuned exclusively to MSNBC. Maybe that makes it McMSNBC.
4. There's a radio station we get in Issaquah that does this going-home music selection called Desert Island Discs -- people send in the names of the three CDs that they would take with them if they were to be marooned on a desert island, and the station plays one song of their choice off of each of them. The one day this month that I went home at a reasonable hour I caught my own selection:
  • U2's The joshua tree: In God's country.
  • Paul Simon's Graceland: The boy in the bubble.
  • The Stranglers' The hit men: Skin deep.
It was very nearly perfect: I would have chosen "Golden brown" off the Stranglers' album. Only Nixon can go to China; only Floyd can do 7/4 on radio.
5. When the local AM news radio station isn't transmitting Headline News, it's broadcasting Voices of Tonga.

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