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Spent the better part of the day at the University of Washington's Henry Art Gallery, where the superflat exhibition (as seen in the latest issue of Giant Robot terminates. It was truly a magnificent show, and I'm still far too mentally jacked up by it to write about it coherently at present.

One of the exhibits was a fixture called "Chappie 33" -- somewhat like the terra-cotta soldiers of the Qin dynasty on a microscopic scale. Thirty-three identical mannequins outfitted with different hairdos and clothed from stock-on-hand at the Grainger Industrial Supply place, from the looks of it: roadwork-orange jumpsuits; safety goggles; plastic knee protectors; welding goggles; and all in Converse low-tops.

My kinda art. More later; for now I have a hot date with a faceplant.

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