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Happy dislocation.

Mister Sky has sent me some new prose to peruse; wonderful stuff and serendipitous, as something about the cool moist night air coming off of Elliott Bay makes Now just seem like an arbitrary choice of ordered moments, and Life just a conspiracy of a trillion cells to be me for a while. Nothing angular in thought or form.

A good cuppa demands good literature, and tonight's diversion is a book of Serbian oral literature and women's stories dating back to the 1300's which were only put into writing within the last hundred years: one called The message of King Sakis and the legend of the twelve dreams he had in one night:


I saw a gold pillar from earth to heaven.


I saw a dark towel hanging from heaven to earth.


I saw three boiling kettles: one of oil, one of butter, and one of water, and oil boiled over into butter, and butter into water, but the water boiled all by itself.


I saw an old mare with her colt, and a black eagle pulling grass by its roots and laying it down before the mare while the colt neighed.


I saw a bitch lying on a dunghill while the puppies barked from within her womb.


I saw many monks soaked in pitch wailing because they can't get out.


I saw a beautiful horse grazing with two heads, one in front, one in the back.


I saw precious stones, pearls, and royal wreaths scattered over the whole kingdom, but fire came down from heaven and scorched everything to ashes.


I saw the rich giving workers either gold or silver or rice, but when they asked for their own reward, no one was left.


I saw evil-faced rocks descending from the sky and walking all over the earth.


I saw three maidens in a mowed field bearing wreaths of sunlight on their heads and sweet-smelling flowers in their hair.


I saw men with slits for eyes, cruel fingernails, and hair that rose up, and these were the devil's servants.

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