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Things fall apart ... it's scientific.

Just field-stripped all but four of my computers because I'm tired of carrying their sorry half-functioning carcasses around with me. Salvaged:

- 47 GB of hard drives
- four CD-ROMs, two of questionable functionality
- two floppy disk drives
- one CD-RW, also of questionable functionality
- nine processors ranging from a 60MHz to 500MHz
- seven motherboards, stripped of their jumpers, now nothing more than modern art
- more than a hundred jumpers and countless screws, bolts, retainers, and plastic spacers
- four power supplies, one of which probably fried one of the motherboards
- 132 MB of RAM in SIMMs
- 288 MB of RAM in DIMMs
- two shoeboxes full of cables, network cards, sound cards, video cards, and plastic face slats

The hard disks, memory, screws, and jumpers I can reappropriate. The motherboards are trashed. The cases are going to be recycled. The rest is surplus, and if any of you homebrewing folks out there have need of any of the other stuff, name it, claim it, blab it, and grab it, so long as you pay postage.

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