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Saint Sava's Journal

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Friday, November 8th, 2002
11:20p - The deeper meaning of Liff. (obpost)
Some guy who drives a beat-up one of those half-car-half-truck jimmerjammers (either a Brat or a Conquistador) apparently saw a Vin Diesel flick and decided he had to have that Triple-X logo on the back window of his ride. I don't know where I'd go to get one of those little vinyl sticky versions of the logo, and apparently, neither did he, so he prevailed upon himself to make one.

The angular character of it did not survive his reinterpretation; the aggro serifs were replaced by these sweeping, rounded gestures which made the characters look, especially when you drive by in fourth gear, much more like Hebrew.

And that's how the Hasidic action hero Triple-Aleph was conceived by a troubled mind. Used to be a bad boy with hella street cred around the kibbutzim until the Mossad promised to make his past go away ...

current mood: pathetic

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