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Saint Sava's Journal

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Tuesday, September 10th, 2002
9:36p - Export-Restricted Encrypftware.
For a period of nines created by your state/juriCLUSIVE REMEDY. Microsoft's EDITION SOFTWARE. To use Pro CAL for each unique Device ations issued on or after Deerminal Services. In additioEULA,and your rights to use ove limitation or exclusion dance with the terms of the D WARRANTY (NINETY DAYS). ASncial law prohibits disclaim in the United States, this the product identified by MiR OF WARRANTIES. The Limitedarticular purpose, of accuraor Canada, neither these remnada; and, in respect of anyrunning the ServerSoftware a exported outside of the Uni an applicable license excepIMER OF WARRANTIES. The Limise of such earlier version s link, including a virtualpr Damages") are also incorpor longer use the product thatrSoftware are "Servers"); * to a CAL,you must acquire a tal, Consequential and CertaIN OTHER DAMAGES. TO THE MAXerSoftware's IntelliMirror, 9, or the Microsoft subsidiastate/jurisdiction to state/export license or determininh the BackOffice Server is iServer Software for Microsoft Windows 2000 Server with uthenumber of Devices directlterms. No Rental.

The terms of th Windows 2000 Server Client rm that personally identifieinal product suite. After ansued prior to December 1, 19th up to four CPUs of the Sed to the U.S. Government pursuant to solicitations issued prior to December 1, 1995 computer software and may ithe only express warranty maf any) created by any documeelated to the Product. Microlong with the update orsupplTIAL OR OTHER DAMAGES. Your later than version 3.5, and. 3. ADDITIONAL SOFTWARE. Ths for a period of ninety dayny CAL or TS CAL must have tor Microsoft Windows 2000 Se to the maximum extent permitted by applicable law, MicrL, DIRECT LIFE SUPPORT MACHIided by Microsoft,unless we o the extent the terms of an limitations, exclusions and

The preceding message was brought to you by piping the Microsoft End-User License Agreement ("EULA") through Dissociated Press.

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