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Saint Sava's Journal

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Saturday, August 17th, 2002
10:03p - MS found in a back-pocket.
For the last decade, I've always kept a small notepad in my back pocket. In addition to the obligatory phone numbers and email addresses that make up the mundane bulk of everyday human interaction, they have also been repositories for the sublime things in life -- overheard things said by children, disembodied graffiti found on subway walls, misheard lyrics heard through the open windows of passing cars, ideas borne of late-night television advertisements, and the like: the rich and short-lived castings of life, which, like dreams, are apt to evaporate if not committed to paper with immediacy.

A notebook from three years ago, entitled Badtz-Maru III (all such notepads are traditionally of Sanrio stock), contains in its seventy-odd pages the following quotes from mongrel sources:

Quotations ...Collapse )

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