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Saint Sava's Journal

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Thursday, July 18th, 2002
6:58p - Here comes President Kill again.
President Kill is the CEO of Love, Peace, and Truth Incorporated, Unlimited, a company that posted a $165 billion dollar loss on revenues of about $1.2 trillion this last fiscal year due to a one-time restructuring investment aimed at protecting the livelihood of its 280-million-strong workforce. That's down from the $112 billion profit the company posted the previous year.

Among the line-items in the itemization of this shortfall are a $31 million dollar investment in Africa-based Botswana, Inc., whose CEO used the cash injection to purchase a much-needed jet for its CEO; an approximately $32 billion dollar hostile takeover attempt of Afghanistan Corp., a bid which, despite its price tag, enjoyed widespread acceptance throughout world markets; and numerous undeclared zero-interest developmental loans to still-financially-troubled RussiaCom, which filed for Chapter 11 protection during the 90's.

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