July 8th, 2001

Who are the people in your neighborhood ?

Finally met all of my housemates tonight. All three of them are on the right side of the bell curve, which is no longer a foregone conclusion with college students. One can talk at length about Jorge Luis Borges' life and literature, in English or German; another used "Frank Lloyd Wright, Le Corbusier, and Mies van der Rohe" in casual conversation, and the other is in the middle of Hernando de Soto's The mystery of capital: why capitalism triumphs in the West and fails everywhere else. The cops still come in response to noise violations on a weekly basis, indicating that intelligence does not correlate with common sense; but, then again, the landlady is paving the entire front yard, indicating that wisdom does not correlate with age.
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Fox-noodles on the Ave.

For dinner last night, I decided to splurge and try the homey little Hana Japanese Food restaurant and chase it down with a boba from the Pochi Tea Station. I've been avoiding boba largely for fear that it wouldn't match up with Relaxtation in Santa Monica.

In looking over the menu at Hana, the kitsune-udon reached out and grabbed me: kitsune means "fox". I ordered it, no questions asked. It turned out to be very good: tofu, chikuwa, and udon noodles in miso broth. The boba from Pochi was just like they make it on Sawtelle, only you get twenty-two ounces for the same price. Arigatoo gozaimasu.
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We are happy happy nerds.

Recollection. We were at a friend's house setting up a Quake LAN game; E., a non-Quaking roommate of his and fellow math student at the university, was watching the 1996 Olympics on television. A member of the Korean track-and-field was doing his thing, and the on-screen display popped up, abbreviating his nationality as "KOR". E. read this as "XOR", and mused aloud that it was a shame that at most only one of his team could win.
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