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Untouchable, kitchen-bound.

I spent some time in Santa Monica, California, where a third of the streetgoing population is homeless, but not, mind you, mentally disturbed, because of a well-intentioned clinical redefinition of the term during the Reagan administration. These denizens are generally cut from the same mold: unshaven, threadbare, gesturing intentlessly, carrying on an impenetrable conversation, and always in possession of a cup old enough to be from a counter at Sambo's.
So today at Microsoft, I ran out of caffeine while I was in the process of visualizing a thread-safe data access object for a C# project, so I picked up my empty latte drink cup and an individually-wrapped Pop Tart, and made my way to the kitchen. On my way there, I was talking to myself in half-compiled intermediate language, enumerating the object's public methods on my left hand, which was gesturing spastically, while my right, holding the empty cup, was moving nonexistent objects in an imitation of marshaling data.
Context is the only thing the human mind really understands.
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