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Another day on the third floor.

A link off of Mister Pants contains the exhortation to e-mail the following to one's boss:
Subject: My Funk
From: Us

Sir, We would like to request that our
funk be made the P-funk. Otherwise our 
interplanetary funksmanship will 
certainly suffer. Also, sources report 
that we wants to get funked up.

Please be furthermore advised that we
would be quite upset if our funk were to 
be stepped on. 

Sincerely yours,
Interplanetary Funkateers
I would do so, except that I already know the reaction such an email would solicit from my boss. He would say the same thing that he did when he opened my interviewing process:
*ear-splitting belch* That's what I say.
And that's the kind of guy he is. At a meeting today he insisted that everybody scream "AFLAC" simultaneously in a duck-like voice before he would adjourn. Can somebody explain this to me ?

One big, big benefit of working at Microsoft now is the constant flow of luminaries we get traipsing through the Redmond campus ten minutes north. Tomorrow, Dr. Kary Mullis, the inventor of PCR (polymerase chain reaction, for which he won the 1993 Nobel Prize in chemistry) will be giving a lecture tomorrow on the topic of whatever happens to be on his mind. At the end of the month, Dr. Adi Shamir (the S in RSA) will be dropping by to talk about massive parallelism in optical cryptologic systems. It's even better than a season pass to be in the audience of VH-1's Storytellers.

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