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I am not Tamsin Mnookin, do you understand ?

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Let me get this straight. So some of Qwest's servers in Minnesota get nailed by the Code Red worm, and I'm off the Seattle ether for four days ? Gaah.


It's late, so I'll get a fresh start at this tomorrow. In the mean time, the yak stew did have a hallucinatory effect, as promised. Submitted for your perusal: Everybody at Microsoft was calling me "Tamsin Mnookin", much to my consternation. When I pulled out my driver's license to demonstrate that I was most certainly not Tamsin Mnookin, I found that my picture on the license was upside down, and furthermore, the word "Washington" was misspelled in some way that I cannot now recall, and I quickly returned the license to my wallet, seeing as how it would be rather a liability to my argument. For lunch, my department went to Safeco Field to watch some sport, whereupon I found that "Happy Birthday To You" had unexpectedly become the national anthem.

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