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Can't sleep. Twelve minutes too late to put on my oggs and trundle me up to the Ave for a boba. Feh.

So I'm thinking of April. The month. Along with October, it's the only month that I've ever been able to "detect" -- if I woke up from an extended coma in either April or October, I could look out the window and tell you the month without asking. It likely has to do with the nature of the light in April: the bright haze of the afternoon and the way it falls across the buildings and trees and roads and breathes an especial life into the color and the air. Certain lyrics recall the quality of April light:
And as you cross the circle line
Well, the ice-wall creaks behind
You're a rabbit on the run
And the silver splinters fly
In the corner of your eye
Shining in the setting sun
--Jethro Tull, "Skating away (on the thin ice of a new day)
So. Long day, but it left no doubt that the universal mind / has written you into the passion play. O'r gorau, nhw dau ... cadwch stwr. Let's roll.

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