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Free economic advice (you didn't hear it here)

Walking back down the hill from shopping, I ran into a putatively homeless man standing between two curbside trash/recycling receptacles. He was reading, of all things, a Nepali phrasebook, so I greeted him: "Namaste."
  "Namaste," he replied without surprise, "what time is it?"
  I looked at my watch. "Twenty to nine." Still more than light enough to see clearly: he looked like the bald Bee Gee wearing a coat from the Love Boat.
  "Waiting here since eight for the landlord of this place to show. Boarding house down the street won't forward my mail since I moved, so it's convenient for me to stay in the neighborhood. Say, if you have any corporate bonds in anything other than GE, dump them before August."
  "That so?"
  "Yeah. GE'll be fine, but by September, Microsoft'll be the best of the bad. Take my advice. Your friends'll think you're a mathematical genius. This coming from a mathematical genius. Lot of people think bonds are safer than stocks, but a bond that tanks is still junk."

So there you go.

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